Russian Air Plane With 227 Passengers Has Crashed Killing All Passengers

The Egyptian officials says there are no survivors after a Russian Air Craft carrying more than 220 passengers crashed on a rock in Sinai Peninsula 20 minutes from takeoff on Saturday 31 of October. There were believed to be about 227 person on board the Air Line with 210 passengers and 17 crew members.

According to eye witness, there were a lot of dead people on the ground and many died while still strapped on their seats. It is truly a tragic scene according to the eye witness who spoke to news men.

Ambulances and medical personnel have been deployed to the scene but they have been no report of any survivor so far as many were dead already before the arrival of the rescue team.

Adel Mahgoub, chairman of the state company that runs Egypt’s civilian airports, confirms all 227 passengers and crew members were Russian citizens.

The Egyptian Military confirms the plane crashed in the Hassana area south of the city of el-Arish, an area in northern Sinai where Egyptian security forces have been fighting the fast rising Islamic extremists in the part of the country.

The Russian plane is believed to be The Metrojet’s Airbus A-321 with registration number EI-ETJ which took off from Sharm el-Sheikh shortly before 6 a.m. heading towards the St. Petersburg in Russia but disappeared from radar signals 22 minutes after takeoff from the Egyptian resorts within Sinai Peninsula.

It is however not sure yet the reason the plane crashed but the militants operating in the crash areas possess not enough capability to shot down an Air Craft flying in such a high altitude believed to be up to 30,000 feet.


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