U.S Police to start using body cameras

President Barack Obama is preparing to make a $263 million budget request to further upgrade the U.S Police force. $75 million will go for 50,000 body cameras which will be worn by officers on duty to help monitor their activities while on duty. This move is said to be widely praised by U.S civil rights activists.

This will help curb incidents such as the Ferguson shooting, where Police officer would kill unarmed citizen and claimed his life was in danger so he acted in self defense.

Members of the Nigeria public have expressed their wish that the Nigerian government would take such a step someday to curtail the excesses of their policemen.

In a country known for Police abuse of Human right, many steps taken by human right organizations have only yielded a little result in curbing the use of Force by the police.

It is therefore, the wish of the Nigerian people that more practical steps (like camera attached to the uniform) be taken to make sure those in black uniform respect the rights of the general public.



One thought on “U.S Police to start using body cameras

  1. yes oh, NIGERIA need this camera’s because the way our force men are killing civilian’s is out-mannered.

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