Boko Haram kills 36, abducts women and children in Borno fresh attack

Boko Haram has struck again, now taking the lives of 30+ people and kidnapped many others in an attack on the village of Gumsuri in the restive northeast. Two local officials and a witness said conformed this on Thursday.

The officials, who pleaded anonymity, said that the locals were still counting those abducted in the attack at the remote area. The figure could be over hundred including women and children. The attacks took place on Sunday.

“After killing our youths, the insurgents have taken away our wives and daughters,” said Mukhtar Buba, who fled Gumsuri to the Borno state capital Maiduguri.

This details took some days to fully emerge because of the mobile networks which has collapsed largely in the area, over 70 kilometers south of Maiduguri, many of the roads which is impassable too.

The place of the recent attack (Gamsuri) is located on the road that leads to Chibok, where Boko Haram abducted over 200 school girls in April that are yet to be released, and of which some had said, would never come back.

A local official testified that the village had been previously protected against Boko Haram insulgents by strong vigilate force, but that they were over powered in Sunday attack.

“For the past one year, the insurgents have made several attempts to attack Gumsuri but were resisted by the gallant youths of the village,” he said. “It is sad that on Sunday, the village was subdued,” he added. Boko Haram has repeatedly attacked the vigilante forces which have formed across the northeast, describing them as legitimate targets for siding with Nigeria’s military.

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