The Most Expensive Airplane Seats in the World

Once you see these pictures you will never want to fly anything but first class again. From chauffeur-driven limousines to private lounges, from gourmet meals to luxury linen, if you must travel then this is the only way to do it. Start saving for your trip right now though because, depending on your destination, you'll pay anywhere from 5K to 64K. Get ready to be wowed by the most expensive airplane seats in the world.

qantas first class


Qantas A380: Melbourne to LA, 14h 25m

Fear of flying? No worries, book an appointment at the airline's lounge spa for a pre-flight massage. Your first class seat comes with extra privacy, as the reclining chairs are tucked away. You'll sink into a fully reclining touch controlled pad bed with a sheepskin mattress. Touch screen entertainment systems and a wide selection of champagne and wine are yours for the choosing. Renowned chef Neil Perry's selection of a la carte dishes is a major attraction. Only $9,800 for this first class experience.

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