Guardiola’s Bayern To Visit Pope Francis

Bayern Munich Football Club will be received by Pope Francis in a private meeting at the Vatican.

The club website announced today that his Holiness, Pope Francis will receive representatives from the club a day before the champions league match against AS Roma.

Bayern and Roma are playing a champions league match next Tuesday, their third match of this champions league season.

The team therefore, has decided to use the opportunity to visit the Vatican. In their quest to win both the champions league and Bundesliga they need all the best wishes they could get.

The management has thus taken this step to heighten the team’s spirit. Many football clubs are learning to pay courtesy visit to the Vatican world, due to the love for the beautiful game shown by the Popes.

The Vatican National team is the only football club owned by the Vatican. However, the team is not a member of FIFA and therefore cannot play in FIFA organized tournaments.


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