Cristiano Ronaldo speech at the 2015 Ballon D’or Awards

Translation: I’m trying to see my son. My family, my mom. I wanna thank everyone who believed in me, my coach, my team mates, my president, the association of Real Madrid. It was an unforgettable year for me, collectively, personally. To win a trophy with this dimensions is unique.
I am very happy. This gives me motivation to keep working the way I’ve been working until now. I will try to win more titles by myself and with my team. I wanna thank my mother, my friends, my father, who is in heaven watching over me, everyone who helped me becoming the best day by day, the Portuguese team, the Portuguese people in particular.
It’s an unforgettable moment in my career, to win this trophy, to win this ball for three times. But I’m not stopping here. I hope I will catch up Messi next season. It’s not something that doesn’t make me sleep at night, but it’s my ambition. I’ve said it a lot of times, I want to be in the football history day by day, little by little, winning team titles and personal titles. Thank you everyone. Have a good night.

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