Jerry Brassfield Net Worth And Biography

Mr Jerry Brassfield is the founder and chief executive of GNLD international, a company he discovered in 1954.  The company has become a household name in several countries today. Thanks to Jerry’s ability in foreseeing a future and working with some like minds to grow his passions into a worthwhile entity.

But have you ever wondered how this man who was said to be asthmatic achieved all this and eventually become someone of importance and one to be reckoned with in in terms of his contribution to health of the people around the world today?

Well Jerry Brassfield as a young boy did not have things easy because he battled with some severe asthma and allergic to things which no doubt made him seriously sick and even affected his performances in school during his teenage years.

But Jerry’s mother in a bid to see her son through, kept on adding quality nutritional products to his daily diet which played a significant roles in improving Jerry’s health.

It was later discovered that what improved Jerry’s health condition, apart from many visits to the doctors, was actually the nutritional supplements that his mother regularly stuffed his foods with.

So the profound impact of supplements was discovered and that really brought Jerry Brassfield to the limelight. Ask me how?

Jerry was so happy for regaining his health through the amazing powers of fruits and herbs that he practically threw his self into promoting this among his friends and relatives.

Through his passions for helping others with the supplements, he discovered that many people are in need of what he was freely promoting and that lead him to start sharing the products and working with others to achieve both health and financial goals which eventually turned out to be a financially rewarding home based business known as (GNLD) Golden Neo-Life Diamite International, when it was finally Incorporated. GNLD pays in excess of about USD 107.2 Million in salaries, bonuses, and compensations per year.

His ardent belief in the power of the products and desire to change lives paved the way for Jerry to turn his small marketing business into what it is today, a multi-million-dollar company, thanks to having and working with a family and friends who shares Jerry’s dream.

Jerry Brassfield confirms this himself with the following words:

“Coming from a strong family, for myself and my brother Bob, the people we attract to us are family-oriented people,” Jerry says. “My brother Bob was president of the company for 10 years. He spent 30 years with GNLD and is still on the board of shareholders. We call ourselves the GNLD family.”

Another family member also testified to the strong family attachments to Jerry’s dream:

“Closest to our heart is helping the poorest of the poor children who don’t even have enough food to eat,” explains Kendra Brassfield, who handles international marketing for GNLD. “We donate both financially and sometimes with products. For example, in Tanzania we work with an organization that is now able to feed about 15,000 children a day with school lunch programs. In their school lunch, they get our flagship product, Formula IV® with Tre-en-en® Grain Concentrates. It’s a supplement that includes essential oils from whole grains. The program has been able to triple its size with our backing.”

Jerry Brassfield is not only known with the feats he achieved in GNLD at a very tender age of 19 years, a company which he still serves as the Chairman of the Board and CEO, helping in directing the vision and strategy for the company.

Aside from that, Jerry has equally had a track record of success as an entrepreneur in the following industries such as Restaurant, wine, automobile and also serves on the boards of Shakey’s USA, Auto Focus Inc, and Brassfield Estate Winery.

There’s no doubt about the legacy that GNLD as a company had set, all these as a result of Jerry Brassfield’s dreams of helping others to achieve their dreams. The wise saying that “when you help others to get what they want, you ends up living a fulfilled life” this has equally worked tremendously on Jerry’s case.

Jerry’s net worth is not easily come by as our searches kept taking us into more and more of his business conglomerates and thus indicating that the man is extremely wealthy with net his worth running into millions if not billions of dollars.


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