Two Dead, 1 Seriously Injured As A Medical Helicopter Crashed In Arizona


Two dead, 1 seriously injured as a medical Helicopter crashes in Arizona on Tuesday. Two crew members of a medical helicopter lost their lives when their aircraft went down in a rugged terrain east of Phoenix early on Tuesday.

The aircraft which was operated by Air Method Corps, was traveling with three persons: a nurse, paramedic and the pilot. Though the clear identities of the dead were not yet ascertained as at the time of this report but one of them alive though in a critical conditions.

In a condolence message, the company said that they were deeply saddened by the death of two of their crew members and said that their hearts go out to their family and loved ones.

The aircraft was returning to Globe – located about 90 miles from Phoenix when the sad incident occurred. The investigations of what caused the crash is being carried out by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The spokeswoman for Air Methods said that there was some conflicting reports to the extent of injuries and added that the company want to make sure of all facts before commenting.

She said that they can only confirm that that three crew members, namely the pilot, a nurse, and a flight paramedic were on board the ill fated craft, adding that ‘The FAA and NTSB has their full cooperation as they look deeper into the cause of the crash.

According to the Officials, the crash area was mountainous and this is making the search and rescue operations a bit more difficult for them.

Just a few days back, on 11th December 2015, four people aboard a SkyLife medical helicopter also lost their lives when the aircraft crashed on it’s way to a hospital in central California.


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