Upper Back Pain In Women And The Cause

Upper back pain in women is caused by strain on the muscles and ligaments from poor posture and repetitive.It is a very common health problem that affect so many people both young and old of any gender but not as serious as lower back pain.

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Causes Of Upper Back Pain In Women

Upper back pain is mostly triggered by poor/bad posture either by sitting,standing, bending or lifting of heavy object in an awkward way. It mostly go with neck and shoulder pain. Apart from these there are other major causes of upper back pain in women such as;

Joint Dysfunction

This leads to upper back pain when the joint that connect the rib with the vertebrae in the thoracic spine fails to function properly (dysfunction).


Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bone.It is mostly common in hips, wrist or spine. It affect women who have past their menopause. But with healthy diet and exercise one can regain already weak bones.


Pregnancy don’t just affect the lower back, most times it spread to the upper back as the uterus expands.

Breast Size

Women with large breast are at high risk of developing upper back pain due to the weight of their breast. Large breast produces excess weight on the chest that can cause severe pain. Most women  even worsen an existing back pain by bending forward while walking in other to hide their large chest.

Women with upper back pain as a result of large breast can get remedy by wearing customized bra that will help to support the weight of the breast. Taking of pain reliever such as ibuprofen will also help to reduce the pains.
Finally, researchers have found Breast Reduction Surgery as the most effective and permanent way of resolving upper back pain caused by large breast.

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain all over the body. It is characterized by fatigue, muscle aches and muscle stiffness that can affect the connective tissue of the upper back. Fibromyalgia is mostly triggered by an injury or infection, emotionally stressful event like death of a loved one and also by giving birth. This can be treated by the use of  pain killer, antidepressants  and also through stretching exercises.

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