Presidential Debate Day 1, Trump Vs Clinton, Who’s The Winner [POLL]


Today’s Presidential debate between the two major candidates in this 2016 general election will go down in history as one of the most anticipated debates ever in the history of the United States of America. Trump vs Clinton round one truly lived up to the expectations. Who came out on top as the winner? Vote in the poll below

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USA Immigration officers come in daily contact with many of the Mexico’s most dangerous criminals in the world – cartel gang members, weapons traffickers, murder suspects, drug dealers, suspects of violent assault, etc. Yet ICE Officers are unable to arrest or are forced to release many of these most dangerous back into U.S.A communities due to perhaps the unscrupulous political agendas and corrupt leadership.

Most people believe Hillary Clinton will double down on what they perceives as Obama’s anti-law enforcement policies. This is and has been the strongest argument for Donald J Trump’s Presidential candidacy and tonight, he used it very well to his advantage.

Trump supporters and a good number of Americans believe Hillary Clinton lies not only put lives in danger, but also disgraceful. Many argued her lies were made as a “public servant”. That she lied to Congress while under oath according to the FBI director Comey.

Donald Trump’s “lies” on the other hand didn’t affect American policy and he is a private citizen.

What I have found very hilarious about Hillary’s campaign is its all anti Trump. Nothing about how Hillary is good or anything. Maybe she is not, and her people know it. So let’s just attack the other party instead of talk about what she would do as President. Which Trump supporters said would be a nightmare.

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According to Candice Barber “Trump is the ONLY choice. Hillary has had 30 years to make a difference. If she hasn’t done it by now, it isn’t going to happen. That’s why she isn’t “50 points ahead”. Her fear mongering will not work on us any longer. The people are waking up… TRUMP 2016!”

Lets just wait and see and hope there will be no form of electoral fraud on November 8. Let American people decide who their next Commander-In-Chief will be.


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