Don Jazzy Net Worth Is $35 Million, See What Made Him So Much Money

He started it with MoHits, some people thought it was a fluke, he repeated it with Mavin Records, now you know he is worth his onion. Don Jazzy net worth shouldn’t be in doubt in anyway, he is one of the most successful producer/musician ever in the Nigerian music history, with a total net worth of $35 million.

During the split saga with D’Banj, while everyone in the D’Banj circle were running around looking for the next available media house to publish email of D’Banj was buying cars to everyone, Don Jazzy maintained his cool without uttering a word. Instead he chose to speak with action rather than voices to prove his worth. Today, everyone knows who was the don and pillar of MoHit.


Don Jazzy’s Endorsement Deals

Samsung – Don Jazzy has a currently running sponsorship deal with Samsung electronics. This deal was signed in South Africa in 2013 and worth close to N100 million. Although the specific amount was not disclosed, industry insiders insist it is a nine figure deal.

Loya Milk – In late 2012, Don Jazzy signed with Loya Milk for the advertisement and promotion of the brand. This deal was worth N50 million and is still running till date.

MTN Nigeria – Sensing the hot demand the Don Jazzy brand has become, the Nigerian telecom giant (MTN) quickly jumped in and made him one of their products/brand ambassador in a deal that worth many millions of naira. That deal was renewed by MTN in June this year for another year.

Don Jazzy’s Mavin Record

Just immediately after the demise of MoHits, Don Jazzy started Mavin Records, everyone thought it was going to be one of those records labels. Today, just three years after – Mavin has grown to become the biggest record label we know in Nigeria, producing super stars and raking millions of naira in revenue. Mavin Records is currently worth $10 million by my one estimation.

Last year he produced two personal hit songs (Dorobucci and Ada Obi) and seven other hit songs for his record members, making it a total of nine hit songs in just one year!

For every artiste who was signed under mavins, Don Jazzy get some percentage of their sponsorship deals as well as their show fees. He also get shares from every song produced under the record label and five super stars are currently signed with more still coming.

With all these any many more put together, Don Jazzy net worth is $35 million making him one of the richest musician in Nigeria and Africa.

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  1. Don BABA, i have being looking 4ward to be like u, i saw ur speech with the saturday newspaper, dat u ve talent of discovering music stars.. PLS HELP ME… BABA DORO diz ma number 081359518241…. GOD BLESS THE MARVINS…..

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