Bomb blast explosion rocks Bauchi state

After a bomb blast in Kano on Friday, a female, was said to have committed  a suicide attacks in bauchi state, North East Nigeria.

A female suicide bomber blew herself up Sunday at a mobile phone market in Northeast Nigeria, killing several people, witnesses said.

The attack happened in the town of Azare in Bauchi state, recently the territory has worst hit by the Boko haram Islamist.

“A suicide bomber came into the market as it was closing and blew herself up in the middle of all the merchants and their customers,” a witness said.

Residents said the suicide bomber entered the market around at 5:50 pm local time (1650 GMT) accompanied by two men, one of whom was killed by an angry mob after the deadly blast.

“The two men tried to flee but they were pursued and apprehended. One of them was lynched to death whereas the other is now in custody,” a witness, Alyu Habib, told AFP.

He said he saw at least eight dead people after the explosion, while a worker at the federal hospital of Azare, which is treating the victims, said at least 10 people were killed and around 60 wounded.

Another witness confirmed that one of the two men spotted entering the market with the woman “was killed by the angry mob”.

He said the “explosion set the shops on fire” and firefighters were working to douse the inferno.

The attack near Azare’s stadium is the third bombing in the town in recent weeks.

Last week, a bomb concealed in a bag went off near a cash dispensing machine, killing several people.

On October 23, a bombing near a bus station killed at least five people.


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  1. Please am tired of these kind of news, its now like a trend and please the authorities should do something very fast

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