How Cameroon Women Uses Hot Woods To Iron Young Girls Breasts

Cameroonian women uses hot irons and stones to flatten the breast of young girls who have started to show signs of puberty. This brutal tradition they practice in Cameroon, is to make little girls body less attractive to men and to protect them from Boko Haram’s brutal jihadists.

This brutality on little girls in Cameroon has been happening for years now. According to Grace Tchami who started showing signs of puberty at age 9, recounts how her mother would take one of the heavy stone pestles used for grinding food and heat it burning hot over a charcoal fire, then press it on her breasts, attempting to flatten them.

Breast ironing with spade in Douala Cameroon.
Breast ironing with spade in Douala Cameroon.

The procedure is carried out by the mother or female family members with the assistance of a healer. 58 percent of this practice is done by mothers believing that they were protecting their daughters from the risk of $exual harassment and early pregnancies.

This tradition is spreading across to some part of Nigeria, Togo, Republic of Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, and South Africa. Breast ironing is a dangerous practice it can cause cysts, breast cancer, abscess and breastfeeding issues.

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