How Obafemi Martins Transformed From Street Soccer To Inter Milan Overnight

By Jim Itoro – Anybody can become anything in life. I grew up some years back to see myself and family in a rented apartment built by Mr Martins in Lagos, the father of Obafemi Martins. He had about 7 children and Akinwunmi was the last male and attended Coker secondary school, I could vividly recall interacting and playing football with him in the compound,not once or twice.

After several years i relocated to my state, just about 2years after I relocated from Lagos, I visited a guy in the village,only to behold in his room the global calendar picture of Akinwunmi, who we know today as Obafemi Martins in an Inter Milan club jersey where he was then, then I realized he was already a player in the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Immediately i called my Dad in Lagos to confirm in case i wasn’t seeing clearly. Lo and behold, what i saw was true.

Obafemi Martins Car
Obafemi Martins Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Car

Akinwunmi as was called by his siblings,parents and friends became global in a twinkling of an eyes. Obafemi martins became the sponsor and savior of his family, he relocated and re-branded his entire family individually.

One thing ever knew about him was that he was quite humble and so passionate about soccer, he plays it virtually everyday as soon as he returns from school with his boot always hanged on his back, just in the process of expressing his passion, God brought a destiny helper who saw a great soccer potential in him, and the rest became a story. Look around you from within, you’ll see a passion in you crying for expression. Keep on expressing it.

Until it is expressed it cannot be supported by both God and man. Even though i have not being able to access him anymore or know his where about, I’m happy for him.


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