LFP prepares a record Trophy for Messi

The President of League Football Professional (LFP), Javier Tebas, has announced that the league body made a trophy in anticipation of the historic 59 years  Zarra’s record broken by Messi.

It was expected that Messi would break the record in El Clasico, but the Argentine did not score to equal or break it. According to Tebas, LFP has waited for 59 years, since Thelma Zarra retired in 1955, and thus wishes to pay due homage to whoever breaks the history.

messi record2It was in this anticipation that League body made advance preparation for Messi. The trophy was prepared months before Messi broke the record.

But Tebas said that LFP never intended to present the trophy to Messi in Bernabeu, if he broke the record on the El clasico match.

He added that it is left for Barcelona to find the best way to receive ware and present it to the owner. Since the the record deserves a special treatment, it will be presented in the best way possible.


One thought on “LFP prepares a record Trophy for Messi

  1. wow all the ways, Barcelona for life messi the God of soccer, I’m so happy for messi, for breaking the record.

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