Cause of Mexican wrestler death Perro Aguayo, revealed


The cause of Mexican wrestler death Hijo Del Perro Aguayo, who passed away on Saturday morning has been revealed as it was a stroke caused by cervical spinal damage. The medical report confirmed that he suffered from whiplash.

As for the doctor in charge not being present at ringside during the accident, it should be noted that he was busy treating two other wrestlers backstage. The doctor defended the delay in responding to Aguayo, saying it was not malpractice.

Medio Tiempo also noted that Aguayo was carried away from the ring on a piece of plywood as a way to get him backstage as fast as possible. He was then moved to a stretcher and into the ambulance. The doctor also defended that decision.

Once Perro Aguayo arrived at the hospital, Dr. Ernesto Franco and other specialists tried to resuscitate Aguayo for about an hour. He was then given an MRI to rule out other causes and his death was pronounced.

Perro Aguayo Sr. hasn’t been informed of his son’s tragic death according to reports from ESPN Deportes. The Mexican wrestling legend is not in good health and there is concern over how he will take the news.


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