It takes a strong man like Jonathan to rule Nigeria

Okupe, the senior Special Assistant to the president on public Affairs, has said that it is either good luck or bad luck because anything that could take the place of Goodluck Jonathan is bad luck!

He maintained that the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Despite all the troubles in the country, if not for calibre of the man Nigeria have at the helm of affairs, that the country would have disintegrated.

It takes an unusually strong man like Jonathan to keep the country together in the crisis that had dragged Nigeria for a very long time now. In other words, it takes a strong man like Jonathan to rule Nigeria.

Okupe who spoke at the media presentation of “Candidate Goodluck Jonathan” yesterday said “President Jonathan is the best thing that has ever happened to this country, he is a man who bears our burden and bears it very well, nobody would pick bad luck where Goodluck is available.”

He added that the progress in the country is not a coincidence but product of his vision and support from God.AKINJIDE

Okupe was not the only one to have spoken that direction as the Former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Richard Akinjide (SAN) who was also present at the event added his own voice saying:

“We are launching candidate Goodluck Jonathan, who is definitely going to be the next president of Nigeria because he is the best man for the job.”


3 thoughts on “It takes a strong man like Jonathan to rule Nigeria

  1. Hmmm, that’s what we’ve been seeing in this country for ages. Every Government that had ever seen in power in Nigeria is guilty of this. Therefore, I don’t think I have faith in any one, both the present and the incoming

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