Why Jonathan will lose the upcoming election - Rev.Mbaka

The founder of the Adoration Ministry, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, has predicted that President Goodluck Jonathan would lose the February election. This is coming from Mbaka barely a month after assuring the First Lady, Patience Jonathan, that the second term elections is already Jonathan's.

The preacher and prophet, cited a bird that failed to fly in a ritual he recently performed. Mbaka said that the reality is on ground now that a revelation from God did not favor Jonathan's continuity beyond May 2015.

This "revelation from God" came in the form of one of the birds - which "symbolized the President" - that he released during Mrs. Jonathan's visit to his Adoration Ground refusing to fly.

Delivering a sermon tagged, "From Good luck to Bad luck" during the end-of-year Adoration mass to usher in the new year Wednesday night, Father Mbaka said he and millions of other compatriots were disappointed by the Jonathan administration which has failed to ensure the release of the Chibok girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorists over 200 days ago.

He ridiculed the President for "his poor performance" in the past six years, Rev. Fr. Mbaka had anointed Mrs. Patience Jonathan as the next Nigerian First Lady in 2015 when she, alongside the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, and his wife, Nwanneka , worshiped at the Adoration Ministry.

Fr. Mbaka had, after anointing Mrs. Jonathan that day, released some birds to go and fight for Jonathan.

The First Lady had announced that she had experienced "a spiritual rebirth" at the event.

But last Wednesday night at the end-of-year Adoration mass, Mbaka said Jonathan was going nowhere as far as this year's election was concerned, recalling that one of the birds - which symbolized the President - he released during Mrs. Jonathan's visit to the Adoration Ground had refused to fly.

"All the other birds I released flew away but the healthiest of them, which is Jonathan's bird, could not fly. I tried to make it fly but it could not fly," he told the huge excited congregation that cheered him on.

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