13-year old boy found after missing for four years


It was an emotional scene on Saturday morning in a Georgian town where a 13-year-boy who was reported to child welfare authorities in 2010, was reunited with his immigrant mother.

The boy downloaded an Apps and sent a text message to his mum in Florida and the woman put a call to 911 which led to the searches that eventually got the boy rescued from four years captivity in Georgia.

He went to visit his father who refused to return him to the mother whose rightful custody the child was said to be.  An officer by the name  Daniel Day added: ‘I just couldn’t believe it. We found him, we saw him. To say it was a great feeling is an understatement. He just couldn’t thank us enough, he was overjoyed we had found him.’

Five people in the house were taken into custody, including the boy’s father and stepmother. Charges include false imprisonment and cruelty to children.


It was however surprising that the mother never contacted the police, potentially because she is an immigrant and was unfamiliar with the system, it is said. But after receiving her son’s text, she immediately called 911.

According to the police, investigations into the matter is still on going. This story is developing. He assured.




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