Nnamdi Kanu, The Founder Of IPOB Discharged And Acquitted

It was a celebration galore for all the Biafran agitators as a Magistrate Court sitting in Abuja on Wednesday struck out all suits filed against the founder of the IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu. Magistrate Shuabu Usman struck out all criminal charges against Kanu after Moses Idakwo filed a suit challenging Kanu being held by the magistrate court.

Though he has been discharged and acquitted by the magistrate court but not yet UHURU for him as the cases against him are being channeled to the Federal High Court! Based on this, the jubilation has to wait.

The case against him has to be dropped after counsel to the State Security Services, Mgt Moses Idakwo filed for discontinuation of the case on the grounds that the Magistrate Court lacked the jurisdiction to his case since it was terrorism related.

Idakwo stated that further investigations by the SSS had proved that charges against Mr. Kanu could not be lawfully handled  by a Magistrate Court due to lack of jurisdiction.

So  having been freed by the magistrate court, the embattled IPOD leader, Nnamdi Kanu may still have some further moves to finish up as he is still being tried by the Federal High Court.

Idakwo told the court to ignore a bail application by Mr. Kanu’s Lawyer, Vincent Obeta, saying that it is terrorism related while accusing Kanu of sponsoring terrorism against Nigeria.

He further stated that his client, the SSS had evidence of bank accounts of Mr. Kanu where transactions relating to terrorism are being carried. Kanu, Idakwo also said, had a dual citizenship of Britain and Nigeria and therefore could flee the country if granted bail.


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