Who’s On Justin Bieber’s and Hailey Baldwin’s Wedding Guest List

It came as a surprise to us all when Hollywood’s sweetheart Justin Bieber proposed to model Hailey Baldwin, just after a few weeks of dating. As the couple begins to plan their wedding, fans cannot help but wonder which celebrities friends will be on the invite list. Here is a list of some of the stars rumored to be attending the big wedding.


From Best Friends to Sweethearts

Credit: ʀᴀɢʜᴀᴅ

Justin and Hailey got engaged on Saturday night, July 7th, at a local restaurant in the Bahamas. As best friends turned sweethearts, it is not shocking that Bieber wanted this life-changing day to have a deeper significance. As a religious person, Justin chose to propose on the seventh day of the seventh month, this number being the one of spiritual perfection.

Scooter Braun

Credit: Justin Bieber

Ever since Bieber was discovered and signed by Scooter Braun through a YouTube cover, the two have remained close with Braun continuing to serve as Bieber’s manager. Braun has stuck by Bieber’s side through the peaks and low points of his adolescence so we would be quite surprised if Braun were to be absent from the wedding photos.


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