Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Festive Tent


Credit: Imgur/Kellymcdouble

Kelly needed a tent for the music festival. He was looking for a great deal online and apparently found it. After he arrived at the festival and unpacked his things that night looking forward to an awesome time he decided to try out his new tent and a friend took this shot. To his dismay, he purchased a child’s tent, not an adult one. No word on how well he slept that night.

Face Pillows

Credit: Imgur/Hairessy

Happy Mother’s Day! What a lovely surprise for this lucky mom. When the kids are in school, with the babysitter, or out playing in the park with their father, she can still see their shiny faces staring straight at her…wherever she goes, she is never alone, those eyes just keep following her everywhere.


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