Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Getting ready to purchase your holiday gifts online? Not so fast. The following innocent (and perhaps naive) consumers ordered from a variety of stores: big and small, famous and unknown, expensive and cheap. However, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Let’s just say the products didn’t live up to their expectations. It’s pretty hilarious and as the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is… So consider the time you spend checking out the next few pages as time well spent, you are doing important research for the upcoming shopping season.

Pro tip: Use the website “Fake Spot” to see if there are any fake reviews for the products you want to purchase online: Fake Spot.


Husky Pillow Pet

Credit: Instagram/thebon74

What child doesn’t dream of a large stuffed animal? Something to hold on to at night as he is falling asleep in a dark room, looking out the window at the night sky and feeling comfortable snuggling next to his favorite plush dog. Unfortunately, this mother was shocked when she ordered what promised to be a large husky dog from eBay and instead got this little critter instead.

Black Dining Room Chairs

Credit: Instagram/saopime

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting in sleek black plastic chairs? They look great in any modern den or dining room. They match almost any decor. And who wants to pay the full amount when you can get a great deal online? Until they arrive in the mail in a really small box.

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