Linda Ikeji Finally Get Her Own Domain But Still Not Enough

For the past nine years or so, Linda Ikeji has been blogging on the Google’s blospot with second level or sub domain name ( without any effort to switch to custom top level domain name. Some wonder how someone could be comfortable building or retaining a business that worth millions of dollars on a sub-domain name.

Hundreds of articles and comments have been written on this subject in the form of advises and critics, trying to let her see the danger of building a serious business on a free platform, worse still, on a sub domain name. But every of the comments and articles produced zero result until she was able to find out the danger herself.

On October 9 2014, Google did the thinkable by deleting which at that time was probably the biggest site on the blogspot subdomain. Some Nigerian news media reported the delete as if it was since over due. A tech blog reported it thus: “Nigeria’s number one blog Linda Ikeji’s blog have been finally deleted by Google.” Then Google did the unthinkable and restored the blog back within 24 hours.

That incident though Linda Ikeji some hard lessons; that she is not safe with blogger after all; that anything could happen anytime; that what used to be hers could really vanish overnight without warning. The era of sleeping with her two eyes closed was taken away by Google by that singular action.

Finally, on the 30th of September 2015, Linda successfully switched to top level domain (even though wacky) for the first time. But, until she purchase the premium domain ( and upgrade from blogger to wordpress with serious professional custom design, the domain name switch is still much liken to a bird that fly off the ground perched on a anthill.

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