Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World And Their Net Worth

Have you ever been wondering who are the richest pastors in world? You want to know their worth? It is so amazing to see how Nigerian pastors completely dominated this list, taking a whole five of the ten positions. Could this means that Christianity actually originated from Nigeria? Or maybe they are so smart to make brisk business out of the blessing of God?

If you have been searching for answers to these questions, then you are not alone, share your answers with us on the comment section. Here we present to you the 10 richest pastors we have in the world and their individual net worth.

10. T.B Joshua – Net Worth: $15 million

Nigeria’s most controversial clergyman is one of the richest pastors in the world and is considered the most philanthropic of them all. T.B Joshua heads the Synagogue Church of all Nations(SCOAN), a congregation he founded in 1987, which accommodates 15,000 worshipers on Sundays and is known to share goods, foods, and money to some of his church members every Sunday. He is said to be so popular at predicting events after it has happened.

T.B Joshua of the Synagogue
T.B Joshua of the Synagogue church of all Nations – Net worth = $15 million

The pastor has remained controversial for several years for his supposed explicable powers to heal all sort’s of diseases, including paralysis, cancer, and many others which till date have not been verified by any reliable Independent credible sources. For miracle craving worshipers, its the perfect seduction. The church currently has branches all over Africa, Asia, Greece and the United Kingdom. Through these branches, he rakes money so much enough to put him on this list as one of the richest pastors in world.

9. Mathew Ashimolowo – Net Worth: $16 million

Mathew Ashimolowo ist the founder of Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC) which has its headquarters in Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria. Started his humble beginning at Four Square Gospel Church, a Nigeria Church that sent him to open a satellite branch in London. But instead of accomplishing the mission, he decided to play a fast one on the church and went on his own.

Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo
Pastor Mathews Ashimolowo and wife during their celebration in London. The wife says: “I thank God that I never listened to the UNILAG lecturer who warned me against marrying Pastor Mathew”. Sure! Otherwise she wouldn’t be sitting in millions today

Very popular with his punk hairstyle cuts, this motivational speaking pastors owns the largest Pentecostal Church in the whole of the United Kingdom. His source of wealth is said to be from varied business interests including his media company, Mattew Ashimolowo Media, which churns out Christian literature and documentaries.

8. Billy Graham – Net Worth:$ 25 million

America Evangelical Christian Evangelist, William Franklin ”Billy” Graham, Jr. This Southern Baptist evangelist rose to celebrity status as his sermon started getting broadcast on radios and televisions. He has conducted many evangelistic crusades since 1948. He is now world renowned televangelist, ranking millions of dollars.

7. Kenneth Copeland – Net worth: $26.5 million

He runs Kenneth Copeland ministries, one of several televangelists whose finances were investigated from 2007 to 2011 by Republican Sen. Grassley of Lowa.

According to an article that run by the associated press that ran in 2008. ”His ministry is 1500-acre campus, behind an iron gate a half-hour drive from forth worth includes a church, a private airstrip, a hangar for the ministries $17.5 million jet and other aircraft, and a $ 6 million church owned lake-mansion.

6. Creflo Dollar – Net Worth: $27 million

He is an American Bible teacher, pastor, and the founder of World Changers Church International, located in Fulton, Georgia. As his name suggest preachers ”manna” comes in the form of green back.

His success is from his ministerial establishment around the United States. Creflo Dollar International Conventional Association, Arrow Records, and the Creflo Dollar ministries are jointly overseen by the TV evangelist and his wife.

5. Chris Oyakhilome – Net Worth: $50 million

This is the man behind Believer’s Love world Ministries, aka Christ Embassy. The charismatic preacher was recently at the center of $35 million money laundering case in which he was accused but eventually cleared his siphoning funds from his church to foreign banks.

Christ Embassy, boasts over 40, 000 members, several whom are successful business executives and politicians. He  is one of the richest pastors in the world.Oyakhilome diversified interest include newspapers, magazines, a local television station, a record label, satellite TV, hotels and real estate. His Love World TV Network is the first Christian Network to broadcast from Africa to the rest of the world on 24hrs basis.

4. Benny Hinn – Net Worth: $52 million

Israeli televangelist, Toufik Benedictus ”Benny” Hinn his best known for his regular ” Miracle Crusades”, revivals meeting/faith healing summit that are usually held in large stadiums in major cities, which are later broadcast worldwide on his T V program. ”This Is Your Day”

3. Enoch Adeboye – Net Worth: Estimated $55 million

This messenger of God was listed in an African magazine, NEWSWEEK, as the most powerful man in Africa and one of the top 50 global power elite in 2008/2009, among others such as president Barrack Obama and Nicholas Sarkorzy. Pastor Adeboye heads the Redeemed Christian Church Of God(RCCG), something he has been doing for the past 28 years. Among his possession are private jets.

2. Bishop David Oyedepo – Net Worth: $150 million

He is a Nigerian preacher, founder and presiding pastor of Winner Chapel Known as Living Faith Church Worldwide. He has been hailed as Nigeria’s wealthiest pastor and got lots of properties like; four private jets and homes in the United State and in England. After the foundation of the Living Faith Outreach IN 1981, It has evolved to be one of the largest congregations in Africa and has a flourishing mission in Nairobi.

2. Shepherd Bushiri – Net Worth: $150 million

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a Malawian minister, he is in a joint position with Bishop David Oyedepo. Bushiri started ministering in 2002 and have thousands of members worshiping in his church the ‘Enlightened Christian Gathering Church ‘ with branches in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia and Ethiopia.

Aside being a man of God he owns an electronic company, a telecommunication company, various farms and a private University in South Sudan named Bushiri University of Agriculture. Bushiri is one of the richest pastors in the world.

1. Bishop TD Jakes – Net Worth: $150.2 million

Bishop Jakes lives in a $1.7 million mansion, he has been called America’s best preacher and has featured on the cover of TIME Magazine. He is a writer, preacher and movie producer.

He is the pastor of the Potter’s House, a non-denominational American mega church with 30, 000 members located in Dallas, Texas. TD Jakes wear custom made suits and a diamond ring the size of a coin.

59 thoughts on “Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World And Their Net Worth

  1. I praise God for blessing his servants. However, this survey doesn't portray the whole truth about the subject matter. A man of God like Prophet J.B. Joshua who features in the tenth position here is in fact the richest of Pastors in the world. Here, he may be worth $15000 but he is, as a matter of fact, worth more than all the wealth of the other nine put together. The difference is found in his ''ministry of giving'' I hope that other preachers will emulate TB Joshua in sharing with the less privileged what they receive from God rather than piling up wealth for themselves here on earth.

    1. Tell me, why does God bless them so much then and not people who are really in need? I tell you, they are using preaching prosperity and not what really needs to be preached like salvation and faith. Smh those are not God’s blessings. God bless.

    2. Originations are begging us to give $20.00 p/m to feed the hungry in his country. And he has $150 mil stashed if he is doing God will he would have no surplus, making a salary average to his country and feeding the hungry with the rest of the $15 mil.

      Will god hold you accountable if you support a false origination?

    3. These men and some women fleecing the Lords people living in millionaire mansions, custom clothing, diamonds and gold jewelry, private airplanes Ext tell me how that is of the Lord when we have homeless, hungry, sick people while these bozo/ carnival scammers fleece people out of $$$ to feed their carnival desires?

    1. All of these preachers know all about the Bible, but won’t talk with the people about Matthew 19:23-24, because they are not really TRUTHFUL, nor followers of their own religion and Bible. For Matthew 19:23 & 24 clearly says that a camel has a better chance of getting through the eye of a needle, that a rich man getting into heaven. And they will tell you fools who follow them, and give them money, that you will get your reward when you get to heaven. Yet, they are getting theirs while they are here on earth, because they DO NOT REALLY KNOW ABOUT, NOR BELIEVE IN, that heaven that is suppose to be somewhere up in the sky. And YOU FOOLS keep giving them money. (sic sic sic) And I, personally, do NOT believe that preachers should be paid to preach the words of God. Tell them to preach on Sunday, but get up and go and get them a J-O-B and work all during the week to make their money. — Rev. George Brooks

      1. The Bible also says that you are not suppose to call people flops but yet you do. Get the mode out of your eye Pastor.

    2. So sick I’ve seen all these so-called religious people living in giant mansions haven’t luxury cars luxury boats gold and diamond rings property all over the world but what do they really give back to the people other than preach some words so that makes them deserving of all that I’m sitting here in Canada and I’m lucky if I got a place to live from one month to the next month I prayed my whole life and never got anything in return could be nice to wake up each day and know that I didn’t have to worry about if I have a place to live or money to buy food I don’t even have a vehicle I haven’t had one in over 20 years but all these preachers set up there and collect millions and millions and millions of dollars I walked into minis at churches and people just look at me like I’m a piece of dirt underneath their feet because I’m not wearing the same clothes they wear I’m not as clean as they are I don’t have a fancy vehicle I truly believe that that’s not what Jesus and the disciples his followers and that thought when they were preaching the word of God that yes let’s everybody that preaches the religion become multi-millionaires but let everybody else give their hard-earned money to that church but get nothing in return and I know there’s going to be people out there saying that all they help me with this their speech did this for me their speech did that for me but I bet you if you ask for help they wouldn’t help you how about so many churches for help over the years and not one ever helped me because I’m not part of one of their little groups it would shock the heck out of me if I woke up one day and went to my mailbox and seeing if there was a check in there with enough money that I could own a vehicle and have a home to live in and food in my gut but that would never happen I know that for a fact so I can pray until I’m blue in the face I’ve had colon cancer twice in the past four years now I’m in stage 4 liver failure and you think I can get help from people on a measly little Disability Pension that barely gets me from month to month but yet they live in in these big fancy places with servants taking care of your every needs well when two people like me get taken care of all amen

      1. First I’m sorry you’ve been thru hell and high water but why do you hate on those who chose to obey the call of God on their lives and were richly blessed in return? As a child weren’t you rewarded when you obeyed your parents? Why do you judge God’s people when you’re not behind their closed doors? For one thing as Christians when we give “alms” we aren’t supposed to broadcast it. What we do in secret God will reward us openly so maybe you see their rewards because of what they’ve done in secret. Why would God give you wisdom to get wealth then turn around and condemn you for having wealth? There’s so much more I would like to say but I need to go. One question I have for you though is where is YOUR faith?

        1. First of all, those pastors aren’t blessed. They are using religion as business so they can make a quick buck. Tell me, everything they have, is that necessary? You see people who are in need and homeless meanwhile over here these pastors are living the life. All they preach is prosperity. Where do you hear them preach about the truth, salvation, faith, etc….

        1. You are so correct speaking on power of tongue.

          I truly believe ministers of God are rich and poor all over the world as it was in early times, poor and rich.

          I don’t look at what anyone else have because that is life. I pray for truth and these pastors will teach Gods word in life application and will truly look inward at themselves. One day we will all be judged, which is important.

    1. de bible says……am d Lord dat giveth d power to make wealth…so u cant serve God nd b poor.If u er poor den serve God deelpy nd watch urself

    2. They are not men of God but in fact Men ruled by the devil. They are able to collect millions from their ” flock ” and are not required to pay taxes.
      And people are so Stupid and gulliable.

  2. I have no respect for any pastor that has huge amount of monies like these. It's a true saying that Christianity has long become business. Non of these pastors perform any miracles, non of them make cripples work, non of them make blind men around the world see. What a corrupt planet we live really, and you wonder why people don't believe in religion any longer.

    I like all the money grabbing people listed above to tell me where and what part of the bible did Jesus himself get paid for all the wonderful works he had done.

    You all Disgust Me.

    1. I totally agree Dee however please don’t let them get in between you and GOD

      Keep on praising our God, that is what HE wants us to do.

      GOD will judge!!

  3. I agree. These are not pastors, but business people. What makes me cranky is that so many people blindly give money to them. They are the snake oil salesman of the church and prey on people's need to believe that they can be rich and 'blessed' by God. Let me ask you why these men in particular have the ear of God? They are just good marketers. If you are dumb enough to give money to them, then I guess you get what you deserve which is nothing. The only ones getting rich out if this is them. A better path to wealth is to get an education, gain experience and then go into business for yourself. Stop thinking that God is going to make you rich cause he ain't. Prosperity doctrine is the lazy person approach to richess based on false hope.

  4. That is the blessings of God that adds no sorrow.. The Bible says that God shall provides all our needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus. It also says that God shall give us exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ever ask for or imagine. Not to also forget that the Bible also made us to understand that God is happy with the prosperity of His children because that is His wish for us that we should prosper even as our soul prosper.. This is little compare to what God have for us all. My advice is that we should learn from them, strive and follow God’s principles and make real money like or even more than these men. Then we can do all the good we have in mind. Thanks God bless us all and see you all at the top

    1. Cole, let me just ask you this. Did King Solomon ask God for wealth? I’ll answer my question for you. That is no. He asked God for wisdom to be able to lead his people. That was grace upon God’s eyes that he provided Solomon with wealth. So called Pastors now don’t care about leading the church and helping them. Now they want the church to help the Pastors and Pastors use words, that are not the words of God, to make money. It saddens me to see how many people these pastors lie to but that’s what the enemy came to do which is to do destroy. These so called Pastors are doing that now, destroying the church.

  5. The words of god is not for money.But these so called pastor using the almighty god words as a business matter.god don’t pay people who preach his words.moses,jesus,and the other great techer never receive any money as a pay.and no of that people was counted as a richest man.

  6. Am happy the scripture is been fulfiled as he has given us the hidden riches in dark places and only the eyes that can see it will have it.The bible says in john that everything the Father has he has given to the son,which is Jesus and until you conform to His image and likeness or attributes and character you can not partake in his inheritance of riches and wealth which are meant for sons not children.Let face this fact if you don’t have enough wealth materialy,intellectually,physically,spritually,you can not have dominion in this world no matter your gifts,talents or endowment and this is the will of our heavenly Father.I believe Bishop David Oyedepo is still the richest because the other university in omuaran in kwara state and Ghosen in Abuja is not considered.

  7. And it is written, Though He was rich he became poor that through His poverty we may become rich!!!! This talks about Jesus. Thank God these men have become such to fulfill the promise of God. Don’t wonder if after a few years you see my name among them as well. The hand of the Lord makes rich and addeth no sorrow in it. Ha ha haaaaa. Richest and stress free

  8. i suport u @cole, please lets us not believe on the material things but believe in the word of God (bible), read it and put it into practise, because this is where their secret of wealth come from!(this great men of God). So please my dear brothers and sisters get their books, tapes, massages, fellow there instructions, read and learn, etc, if you want to see yourselves on top, God bless you all as you obey.

  9. I believe that whosoever is the richest pastor in the World or among the richest Pastor should use it to the glorification of God Almighty

  10. what are the sources of your information. You don’t give a single reference to support what you write!! You could be making every figure up. Not good investigative journalism…

  11. Do they resemble Jesus?
    Jesus did not have custom suits and diamond rings.
    If someone is worldly like this, then they cannot be heavenly like the lord.

    If you want authentic worship you must accept the apostolic tradition as written in the Acts of the Apostles – which resulted in the church built on rock – Cephas – which was Peter. That church has been around for 2000 years and struggles to find the narrow path.

    Disregard these charlatans and come back to Catholicism – the devil loves division, but together we can fight him.

    1. Are you serious, Catholicism? That’s worse than all these men’s riches put together. The Vatican has 100x the riches of these men, casltes and gold ceilings and crazy things that don’t resmeble Jesus at all. The pope and bishops where clothes worth thousands and drive around in rolls royces and fly around first class. They are much worse than these men.

  12. It is simple. Follow the footsteps of Jesus.Peter followed. Paul followed it.All the apostles followed it, except Judas who followed the footstepsame of money and evil and ended up in hell. None of these pastors can play the role of christ in a movie. Christ did not marry nor have money. Go catholic the only true religion on the original rock.

  13. iappreciate your org it can make anyboy who is poor to be rich fomus and became the richest person through his/her projects so here am apastor ilead two churches and ihave aplan to plant more churches so succed to you must have money.

  14. For the Christians remember philippains 4:19 which says, but my God shall supply all my needs according to his glory by Christ Jesus…

  15. please when it comes to issues concerning men and women of God we have to be very careful because we are all ambassadors of Christ but they are leading us as Moses lead the Israelites….let’s all focused on our Christian life because at the end we all will be judge base upon what each and every one of us does on this earth… let’s forget about all this and let’s pray for dying souls. souls that are perishing so that they will also come to the saving knowledge of Christ because even Jesus Christ our Saviour and king of kings and the only son of God never say in his words or rank himself to
    make him popular. so let’s focused on souls not popularity.God bless u fellow brothers and sisters in the lord.


  16. How can i join rich pastors with powers and protection with no effects and no blood sacrifice so to any replies use my phone number

  17. dont be stupid…wen nd who told u dat de pastors’ collect monies frm people…am nt suprised at u anyway cause am sure u dont belong here…open ur own church nd serve deligently nd see if he wont open de flood gates of heaven

  18. nd who told u d trash u er saying here…no wonder,ask ur self y cant u rich..its bcose of ur mentality…do u knw hw much dey release everyday,week nd months to d less previlage,widows nd other….y wont God bless dem tell me…as i am….though nt wealthy bt i release to d lesser ones fr me to get de open door nd riches in glory

  19. These pastors hv been blessed by God! Pls dont b envious! Their warehouses & barns MUST always b OVERFLOWING to b doing God’s universal salvation works! Unless U r CHOSEN DIVINELY U wl NOT B What U desire to b!

  20. I completely agree with a lot of what these people are saying. These pastors are nothing but business men. I totally believe in god but I don’t go to church just to have the faith of what god can do for me. These pastors should be humble and living in more conservative houses and drive more conservative cars and helping those that are in need. I’m not talking lazy people but people that have come down on their luck and need that boost to help them get back on their feet. That’s great that they feel god is telling them to prosper but what about those that have helped you prosper. It’s a shame. I’m sure they feel they are doing a lot for their community but if they lived more humble they could do so much more.

  21. Why it is the problem for these servants of God to be rich? I don’t understand you all saying why they are rich? Why not

  22. I thought being religious means to be humble to spreads God’s word? Clearly not, it’s obversely a multimillion dollar business.

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