Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse Superyacht, The World’s Most Expensive Yacht

Have you seen the inside of the world’s most expensive super yacht which is logically the world’s most expensive property?  Call it the grandeur of opulence and you wouldn’t be mistaken. Call it a pure luxury in the ocean and clear case of excesses and you may be right. This luxurious super yacht is said to belong to the billionaire Chalsea Football club owner, Roman Abramovich. According to Business Insider, eclipse superyacht cost $1.1 billion. This super yacht is called ‘Eclipse’ and is the world’s most expensive yacht till date.

In terms of size, Eclipse superyacht is the second largest super yacht in the world owned by a private individual. The lenght is measuring at 163.5 meters, the ship is said to require 70 crews to service the yacht. Eclipse can entertain 24 guests at a time. Equipped with two helipads, the yacht also has a mini-submarine. Guests can enjoy their time in the ships with two swimming pools, hot tubs and a disco hall.

Baia Yachts of Italy, one of the world’s famous yacht makers has confirmed that ‘History Supreme’ which was rumored to have cost $4.5 billion and belong to an unknown Malaysian billionaire, covered by 100,000 kilograms of gold and platinum with a statue made from a T-Rex bone, and features a wall in the master bedroom that is made from a meteorite is indeed a fake story. That leaves eclipse superyacht as the world’s most expensive yacht

Having clarify that, let’s get right inside the real super yacht belonging to a known real human billionaire and see things ourselves. Don’t take my words for it, you need to see it and don’t forget to let me know what you feel about this yacht. Does it worth the amount? Is it too much for an individual to own? If you have the money will you buy it? Let us know your opinion.

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Eclipse yacht interior
One of the interior designs
Abrahomovich eclipse
One of the 12 bedrooms in Eclipse
Eclipse swimming pool
Eclipse Superyacht PEGASUS Type Swimming Pool

Eclipse MangustaExlipse yacht

Eclipse Yacht at Night
Roman Abramovich Eclipse Yacht at Night

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  1. I am a retired lawyer in Stockholm Sweden who enjoy beautiful Yachts. I just got married to a nice girl and would like sometimes show her a dream Yacht when you visit some harbour somewhere. Mr Abramovich visited Stockholm with another of his Yachts some 10 years ago named Belaruse which was enjoyable. Would be nice with another contact sometimes

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