You Won’t Believe How Much $$$ These Billionaires Made in 2017 - Chances are you’ve never heard of #1

They've made billions of dollars in the first four months of 2017 alone. You think we've all heard of them, but guess what? Bill Gates only came up at #13. These are the best Money Makers walking the earth today - such immense personal wealth. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index which analyses the net worth and derives yield from publicly available stock holdings records, these are the people who generated more money than anyone else in the first four (!) months of 2017.

20. James Dyson

james dyson

Image: HardwareZone

The famous inventor was born in the United Kingdom, founded the Dyson company which is the main source of his wealth. He is 69 and has written several books about great inventions.

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