13 year old girl arrested with explosives hidden under her hijab

A 13 year old girl on a suicide mission was arrested by the Nigerian Police in Kanu yesterday. The girl and her male companion was arrested when they branched into a clinic seeking medical treatment — suspecting danger, the clinic staffs called in Police. On searching the girl, Police discovered she was wearing explosives-packed vest under her hijab.

Looking at the girl, you’d discover she is so young and naive and may probably not know exactly what she was doing. The questions now are:  How and where did Boko Haram get those innocent girls? Who are their parents and what exactly are they doing? I can see the more we progress into the fight against Boko Haram, the deadlier the fight becomes.

Below are some of the people’s comments regarding this on the internet

“If president Jonathan had acted within 48hours when Chibok was invaded, this girl would have been with her parents Girl bomberhaving a chance of an education. Unfortunately, due to his carelessness, incompetence, insensitivity, insincerity, ineptitude, weakness, wickedness and greed, he only accepted that girls were kidnapped 18 days after the incident. Now this girl has been brainwashed to detonate herself and kill others.

This is the 13 year old that tried to blow up Kano yet again! By the way, is the President and his Boko boys trying to instill fear in the largest voting population in the North, to prevent them from voting our general?” said Cram Jones.

“She’s still a child..she could be easily convinced without much effort..she doesn’t know how sweet life is..child education us very vital” — Maxwell Akalonu

“Honestly!, this brought tears down my cheeks. I couldn’t control it. I betrayed my emotions!. How can be pple be this callous!!? Woe betide thee that co-opt this innocent, God given gift to the world- into this sacrilegious event. May you have no peace through out the days you have left….may your sorrow multiply boundlessly! May God restore this innocent girl! Amen!” — Okunboy




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