Tips for a Romantic Getaway

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Growing apart?
Not enough time to have a heartfelt conversation?
Work taking over your relationship?
No alone time with your partner to focus on each other’s needs?

Lost that spark? Reignite it!

Whether you’ve been together for months or for years, your relationship is tested every day by work, stress, and life’s constant interruptions. The solution, relationship experts say, is couple time. Or time away in a beautiful destination where you can relax, reboot, and reconnect – and get closer from shared experiences.

But beware. Traveling and being together 24 hours a day can just as easily put you on the highway to hell – instead of the road to romance.

Follow this suitcase-full of tips – and bring back not just memories, but a revitalized relationship as well!

Communication starts right now

  • Make travel plans and decisions together
  • Select the type of vacations you’ll both enjoy
  • Communicate preferences and discuss budgets
  • Divide responsibilities
  • Decide how you’ll spend your days
  • Consider each other’s travel style, and plan to adjust accordingly
  • Talk about hopes and expectations

couples time

Be on the same page: What to agree on ahead of time

  • Your goals – Put the fun back in the relationship? Try new things together? Rejuvenate your love life?
  • Your budget – A weekend at a New England B&B? Or a two-week Greek cruise? Stick with what you can afford. Remember, the idea is to get rid of stress.
  • Your destination – Busy locations can be stressful. While romantic and laid-back settings are conducive to getting back in touch without any pressure.
  • Your activities – Strike a balance between active (hiking, zip-lining, theater-going) and the relaxing ( couples’ massage, lying on the beach)
  • Your traveling style – Economy, luxury, or in between?

Be Ready to…

  • Compromise – Take turns picking where to eat, what attractions to see, which activity to do
  • Be flexible – Don’t let little things like delayed flights, mixed up reservations, or other minor inconveniences spoil the fun you’re going to have
  • Indulge each other’s flaws – Bear his snoring with a grin. Tolerate her bathroom-hogging with a smile.
  • Handle little disagreements with aplomb– Leave your whining and pouting at home and remember what you’re on vacation for.

Factor in Romance

  • Stay in a honeymoon suite – and relive those magical moments
  • Treat yourselves to a rejuvenating and erotic massage for two
  • Reserve time to walk on the beach together and watch the sunset
  • Get all dressed up and wine and dine in the fanciest restaurant you can afford
  • Or book the services of a private chef and have dinner poolside under the stars

couple time

10 Tips to Make Doubly Sure Your Getaway Is a Runaway Success

  1. Live in the present  – Forget job deadlines and unpaid bills for the moment
  2. Live without technology – Leave your laptop and smartphone at the front desk
  3. Arrange for a dependable baby- or pet-sitter
  4. Bring a bottle (or two) of great wine – Just being together alone is worth celebrating
  5. Don’t try to see/do everything and risk getting exhausted and irritable
  6. Plan for some alone-time activities – You’ll have more to share with your partner
  7. Add some buffer time into your travel schedule to avoid rushing (and stressing!)
  8. Pack like a pro – Don’t tire yourself out lugging 7 days’ worth of clothes for a 3-day holiday
  9. Get enough sleep to recoup from a day’s worth of activities and not run out of energy
  10. Bring a sense of humor to cope with any stress or unexpected twist during your travel

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