After Buying His Daughter Her First Car, Dad Finds a Startling Letter Inside

Raise your hand if you have a name for your car. Who of us doesn’t? Cars usually mean a lot to people, and to some more than others. Kevin Duke was excited to buy his daughter her very first car for her sweet sixteen birthday, but the letter he unintentionally found inside the glove compartment left him speechless. When he bought this second-hand car didn’t expect the journey that his new purchase would send him on – he knew that cars mean a lot to people and hoped this gift would mean the world to his daughter, but no one can anticipate finding a note like that in a car just purchased.


Sweet sixteen

Our 16th birthday is an important milestone, and it deserves to be celebrated in a meaningful way. And what’s more meaningful, figured Kevin Duke, than receiving your very first car?

Young woman shows the keys to her new car

He proudly bought his daughter a second-hand Ford Fusion, hoping she would make as much use of it as its previous owners.