Babangida urges Nigerians to support Jonathan

It takes a great leader to keep a country like Nigeria together in spite of all it has passed through in the recent times.

The Former military president of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Babangida, has come up to say that anyone who means well for Nigeria should step forward to support president Goodluck Jonathan to continue the works towards making Nigeria survive as a united nation.

The former military leader said this while speaking in his country home in Minna, Niger state, when Goodluck Jonathan paid him a visit in the spirit of the season.baba2

President Goodluck Jonathan, who identified General Babangida as a national leader, whose counsel is very much needed to move the country forward at the end of the year like this, more especially in times like this, when the country is battling with a whole lots of unrest.

According to Jonathan, the country is passing through some challenging periods in which the former seasoned leader’s experiences would be highly sought after in keeping the current unrest in the country at bare


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