Ugandan maid, Jolly Tumuhiirwe, know fate on Wednesday


Even a dumb person would almost be forced to say something if exposed to the video of the Ugandan maid that was caught abusing and stepping on an 18-month-old child, Arnella.

The video that went viral on the internet few weeks back, saw the heartless maid torturing a helpless baby that was left under her care, beating her mercilessly without knowing that every bit of her actions were down in a hidden camera in the house.

The maid, Jolly Tumuhiirwe, who appeared in a court without a Lawyer, is now appealing to the child’s parents and the nation, even the world for forgiveness.

Though highly apologetic in her present condition, if convicted, she faces up to 15 years jail attempted murder or fine of $400 or both.

maidBaby Arnella’s case has been keenly followed by the media in many countries and has brought attention to the issue of a largely unsupervised and growing domestic labor force in urban cities.

As it is now, the maid, Tumuhiirwe, is awaiting her fate and will be sentenced in court on Wednesday.


The growing trends of domestic abuses which the case of Arnella has further brought to fore, is something to be taken serious and really be looked into. whatever the out come of Jolly’s trials, we believe that it would definitely serve as deterrent to others.


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