Nigerian soldier tested positive with Ebola in Liberia

While the Nigerian army at home are battling with Boko haram, the ones outside the shores of the country have other threats apart from enemies to contend with.

A recent report has it that one of Nigerian soldiers with the United Nations’ Mission in Liberal has tested positive to Ebola virus.

The soldier is to be isolated at a calamity unit at the University Medical Center Utrecht,  and would be flown to the Netherlands for treatment, confirms a Dutch Health Ministry spokeswoman to the press.

He tested positive to the virus late on Thursday, but the UN reports confirmed that the soldier has been positive a day earlier.

According to Karin Landgren, a top UN envoy to the country, this latest case is the third among mission personnel. The Ebola in Liberia, is indeed  worrisome. The previous two soldiers affected with the virus didn’t survive.

Presently, 16 people who came in contact with the soldier has been quarantined and the area the soldier visited while symptomatic have been decontaminated. The Nigerian, will be the first Ebola patent hospitalized in the Netherlands. He is presently undergoing treatment in a Dutch hospital at the request of WHO.

Since the outbreak, about 17,000 people, mostly in Guinea, Sierra Leon, and Liberia have been sickened with the virus, and some 6200 have died.

The UN force, parading some 7,700 troops and police, has been in Liberia for the past 11years to stabilize the country after two civil wars.


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  1. is a pity, I think all the NIGERIA soldiers outside NIGERIA should come back home to help fight Boko Haram.

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