Mother To The Twin Sons Killed By Police In Ketu Share Her Grief


I have been stripped naked! my twin sons were my only hope cried out the mother of the twin brothers shot dead on Saturday by a drunk policeman. She said her twin sons promised her many things including building a house for her next month.

The 75-year-old woman twin sons Taiye, a naval officer while Kehinde was an engineer. They were at Paulson Hotel on Anibaba Street, Ketu-Ikosi, Lagos, to celebrate their friend Jeje birthday before the ugly incident occurred. The drunk policeman who was a guard at the hotel was known to be a drug addict and do misbehaves a lot.

A resident around the hotel, Segun Elphus, said the policeman nearly killed his friends and three of his younger brothers last month. He said he advised the supervising manager of the hotel to send James away.

He said, “The policeman was posted here about three months ago. He threatened to kill my friends, who visited me from England last month. My three younger brothers intervened. He nearly shot them.

My question is why allow such an officer to guard your hotel knowing that he portend danger to your customers?


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