Kwara central senatorial seat: Supreme court rules in favor of Saraki

The supreme court today dismissed the appeal filed by Alhaji L.A.K Jimoh challenging the nomination of Alhaji Bukola Saraki to the upper chamber of national assembly. The apex court held that the appeal was unmeritorius and therefore, dismissed it.

The suit with the appeal No. Sc. 493/2013. Appeal. No. Ca/. Abuja/318/12. Titled Alhaji Laziz Kolawale Jimoh vs PDP, INEC & Dr Bukola Saraki was unanimously dismissed.

The court affirmed that it flays against many decided authorities and made its decision based on that.

Previously, the lower court has ruled in favor of the former Governor, which the  supreme court upheld, that Governor Saraki was the PDP candidate in 2011.

For this reason, the appellant’s lawyer was lambasted for bringing about the issue once again, which was regarded as a waste of precious time. Since such issues end in the supreme court without appeal.

However, the decision of the appeal  court has put a conclusive ruling to the matter, making Dr Bukola Saraki the rightful  candidate for Kwara central senatorial seat in 2011.


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