Ekiti State: APC, PDP, fight over Fayose refusal to declare his asset

The People’s democratic party,PDP,and the all progressives congress,APC,in ekiti state exchanged heated word over Governor Ayo Fayose not declaring his asset to the public.

The APC asked Fayose,who was elected in June on the platform of the PDP,to take a clue from the immediate past Governor of the state,Dr.kayode Fayemi, of the APC,while the PDP replied by saying that Fayemi needed to account for the alleged debt accrued to the state and amount spent on the new Government house. Chairman of the APC in the state jide awe,said,He who must come to equity must come with clean hands.

The Governor of the state must declare his assets.
In fact it is a constitutional provision.He (Fayose) must declare his asset and let his people know what he has,and what he is and what he will be having when he leaves the Government house.

It is a part of the code of conduct provisions of the constitution.He ought to have declared his assets.His predecessor and the former deputy governor did it.He should declare his assets if he has the the moral right at all not to do so.

He said although Ekiti has now been dubbed as the ‘stomach infrastructure state at the end of the day ,however,the people would realize the importance of social infrastructure facilities in the state.

The people get the type of leadership they deserve.As of today , I learnt on a good authority that he (Fayose) is now sleeping in the Government House,which has been much criticized and because of which Fayemi has been much vilified.if we use our money for stomach infrastructure,may God help the people of Ekiti State,he said.

Responding to APC,the PDP state chairman, Idowu denied the allegation,adding that fayemi had to give a proper explanation on the amount of money he spent for official residence in the Government house before Fayose would move in.
Fayose has never moved into the Government House.He (Fayose)is still staying in his house and he would not move into the that place until he knew how much had been spent to furnish it.I can assure you he has not moved into the Government House and he still staying in his own residence.

If ayemi has declared his own assets,he should say so publicly .All the money he received should be accounted for.He should also declare his assets after his tenure in office.

The normal practice is that when a Governor comes in and after his tenure,he must br able to declare all his assets and give account of how much has been spent from the allocation,the chairman of the state PDP, said.

According to him,the APC’s statement was unnecessary and embarrassing.He also alleged N80bn debt was left behind by Fayemi Government and was unacceptable by the people of the state,while also adding that the APC has no moral ground to ask the incumbent governor of the state Fayose to declare his assets because they (APC) had no clean record in state.


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  1. well it’s easier to say, but looking at it critical and proverbial “what an old man sees sitting down even if a child climbs a tree he will not see it”, experience matters alot in leading a country like nigeria. ….so its gonna be really hard dear

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