Stunningly Bizarre Sculptures Must Be Seen To Be Believed

These stunningly bizarre sculptures must be seen to be believed. We’ve scoured the world to find the most unique creations. Just what were these artists thinking? Some are famous, others not so much. Consider it a welcome break from your regular routine.


Square Head

The first on our list of thought provoking sculptures is the only one which can house people. Really! 40 people can live inside this seven story building in the shape of a cubed human head. It was created by sculptor Sacha Sosno and architect Yves Bayard in 2002.

Mano del Desierto, Chile

Hand of the Desert


Rising up out of the sand of Chile’s Atacama Desert, this giant hand is a large-scale sculpture by artist Mario Irarrázabal. Known as Mano del Desierto, or Hand of the Desert, the enigmatic sculpture is a powerful reminder of the frailty of human existence.


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