Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Rug Cover Up


Credit: Reddit/Thrownaway_4_2_day

There’s nothing like a brand new purple rug to perk up your decor. This couple thought they’d found the right way to warm up their living room when they ordered this deep purple rug online. To their dismay, though, the rug in the picture looked a lot larger than the one they got in the mail. No word on whether they got a refund or not.

I Spy a Phony Watch

Credit: Reddit/elit3k1ll3r21

Apple sold eight million Apple Watches in the last quarter of 2017 alone. And the prices are not cheap. So we don’t blame anyone who tries to find a deal online. Unfortunately, names are not everything. This guy spent $600 for an Apple Watch on eBay. This is what arrived. Yes, it’s definitely in the shape of an apple. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look very smart to us.


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