Halloween Is Trending Everywhere Today But What The Hell Is Halloween

Today is Halloween and it's currently trending worldwide on Twitter but it seems too many people still don't know what Halloween is nor what it stands for. I just heard someone ask "What the hell is Halloween" and another person add "And why the hell is it trending on Twitter?". Well the answers to these questions are simple; join the trend and discover what the Halloween is.

The Halloween is celebrated in number of countries and regions the night of 31 October every years, which is generally accepted as the eve of All Saints' Day. Halloween is often celebrated with children and adults dressing up in frightening masks of different kinds and costumes of different colours and makes.

Halloween is believed to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, a period of time when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad or somewhere faraway. Do you celebrate Halloween? Why?

Children in their different Halloween consumes | Photo credit:

Children in their different Halloween consumes | Photo credit:

The main reason Halloween is celebrated in most places is because it is fun and it is good, clean, harmless fun for children and adults alike! Although it is believed to have started in the Ireland, it is still widely celebrated in the United States and even in Asia.

Australia and New Zealand are among the countries where the celebration is at it's most. Africa is probably the region where Halloween is least known but that may change anytime soon. Some believe the celebration is heavily demonic due to the scary costumes and the history of the origin.

Every 31st day of October is the day and whether you are looking forward to it depends on where you are and what you believe. So, tell us what you think about Halloween by making a comment using the comment box below.

Some of the scariest Halloween consumes I've ever seen | Image credit:

Some of the scariest Halloween consumes I've ever seen | Image credit:

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