Blast From The Past: Former Celebrity Couples

90s dream team


In the 1990s singer Paula Abdul and actor John Stamos were at the prime of the careers, so it’s no wonder the adorable couple found each other. John Stamos remarked on their time together as a whirlwind and fueled by their fame saying “It’s so funny because I sort of forgot [about our romance]. She was so adorable, and she was America’s sweetheart. I had just started Full House and she was the biggest star in the world. People were literally knocking me down to get to her! We had the time of our lives.” The two only dated for a couple of years, but with the reemergence of Full House on Netflix, we’re kinda hoping for a Stamos/Adbul reunion.

Rebecca Romign and John Stamos

ABC News

In 2005 longtime couple Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos called it quits after five years of marriage. Romijn was open about the aftermath of their relationship revealing, “I had six or eight months where I was clinically depressed.” The two were pretty good at keeping the reasons behind their breakup private, though rumor has it they disagreed over having kids.