Blast From The Past: Former Celebrity Couples

Kanye and Alexis Phifer

Atlanta Black Star

In 2002 Kanye West began dating the adorable designer Alexis Phifer. The two would go on to date for six years and eventually became engaged after the tragic passing of Kanye West’s mother. Reportedly, Kanye’s mom had wished the two get married, so in the midst of his grief Kanye proposed to Alexis over a lobster dinner in Capri. Unfortunately the love did not last and the two broke up before they could tie the knot. Kanye seemed in a good place then, and Alexis has only nice things to say about the rapper- she even called him one of the most talented people she’s ever met.

Kanye West and Amber Rose

Ace Showbiz

Not long after breaking up with fiance Alexis Phifer, Kanye became downright infatuated with model and actress Amber Rose. Apparently they met on a phone call- Kanye called her up to invite her to be in his music video and she hung up on him, thinking it was a prank. Needless to say it wasn’t, and from then on the couple was deep into the public image and were photographed everywhere and all the time. Amber Rose and Yeezy broke up allegedly due to a new woman in Kanye’s life that would go on to sweep him off his feet… one Kim Kardashian.