A Cinderella Story: The Story of How Sam Won Her Independence

We all wish for our lives to be a fairytale, but when Sam’s life became a real-life Cinderella story, it wasn’t so glamorous. After 10-year-old Sam lost both her parents in a car accident, she was adopted by an elderly couple from her church. It seemed as if they saved her from an orphanage, but the story turned out to be a true Cinderella story when her adopting parents revealed their true faces and Sam’s personal nightmare began. For years she was mistreated by her adopting parents, and as if that doesn’t ring a bell to Cinderella’s tale, add to that a nasty step-sister. This went on for seven years until Sam couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. Sam won her independence and later shared her victorious story on Reddit under the subreddit ProRevenge.


A loving family

Sam’s story began like any other. She was a young girl living with her loving parents in a small town, where everyone knew each other and would regularly meet at church.

Since her father was the heir of a small fortune, her parents could afford to live anywhere they wanted, but they were modest people and enjoyed the peaceful life of a small town. Her mother was an antique enthusiast, and the couple owned a small antique shop.