Woman dies after pipe and bottle of crack cocaine was removed from her vagina


A woman, 31, has died a week after she was taken to hospital to have a glass pipe and a bottle of crack cocaine removed from her vagina.

April Rollison, 31, of the city of Sebring, Florida, was arrested with three men on drug charges in the nearby suburb of Babson Park, on December 16, Polk County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Rollison was taken to Polk County Jail’s booking room where a body scan alerted deputies that a pipe and a prescription bottle containing 2 grams of crack cocaine and cocaine powder was inside her vagina. She was taken to Bartow Regional Medical Centre to have them removed.

At the medical centre, Rollison asked to go to the toilet. She was given a bedpan and the deputy went behind a curtain to give her privacy, Scott Wilder, a Sheriff’s Office spokesman, told The Ledger.woman
Polk County Shefiff’s office believe that Rollison removed the prescription bottle of crack cocaine and cocaine from her vagina and consumed part of the contents. The deputy and a nurse found the bottle and a white substance, later identified as cocaine, on the floor.

Medical staff then removed the glass crack pipe, cleared Rollison and was she was taken back to jail. However, during her booking in, she fell violently ill and was taken back to the medical centre in a critical condition.

Rollison tested positive for methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana in preliminary tests, the Sheriff’s office said, although it is unclear if the crack cocaine was ingested through her stomach or in some other way. An autopsy will determine cause of death.
Rollison had been a drug user for 20 years, Polk County Sheriff’s office said.


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