Taking it Too Far: The Extreme Lengths Actors Went Through to Prepare for Roles

Everyone enjoys a thriller or a drama that takes you to a whole new imaginary world – but did you ever think that these imaginary worlds depicted in movies become the reality for the movie stars? You’d be surprised (and maybe horrified) to learn what some of the A list actors do in preparation for their roles. As if it isn’t enough that some roles are more complicated in their nature, actors go to extreme lengths in order to perfect their roles – they want to deliver the best performance of their lives in every film, but sometimes it nearly costs them their lives. Method acting is when an actor (or actress) completely dedicates themselves to the role, and this article proves how far actors have gone to win the much-desired Academy Award.


Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger had a talent for embracing every character he had to play and giving the performance of his life in every film. When it comes to a role such as the Joker in the Batman franchise, it takes a lot to get into character.

To prepare for the role of the joker, Ledger shut himself up in a hotel room for over a month, during which time he had no social contact whatsoever. During the time spent in the hotel, he scribbled for himself thoughts the Joker might have, starved himself and went through a depression, for which he was later medically treated.