Nigerians Vs Kenyans In A Hilarious Twitter Fight

It started on Thursday night when most people from both countries are already asleep. We woke up Friday morning to be greeted on Twitter by some of the most hilarious twitter fight I have ever seen. The hashtag is #KenyansVsNigerians believed to have been started by JOHNNY GACHANJA from Kenya.

I must admit I had fun scrolling through the timeline, reading the hilarious banters both citizens threw at each other and the funny memes that accompanied the tweets. I wonder why people can’t just have a good laugh? When Nigerians says Kenyans are black, it’s just for a good laugh cos we know we all are black. This is for bond building and nothing serious.

As mundane as this twitter fight between Nigerians and Kenyans may seem to others, I think researchers from both country need to follow this hashtag for good.  There are plenty to learn to help make Nigeria and Kenya and indeed Africa better.

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