Who Will Attend Justin Bieber’s and Hailey Baldwin’s Wedding?

It came as a surprise to us all when Hollywood’s sweetheart Justin Bieber proposed to model Hailey Baldwin, just after a few weeks of dating. As the couple begins to plan their wedding, fans cannot help but wonder which celebrities friends will be on the invite list. Here is a list consisting of some stars rumored to be attending the big wedding.

Justin and Hailey got engaged on Saturday night, July 7th, at a local restaurant in the Bahamas. As best friends turned sweethearts, it is not shocking that Bieber wanted this life changing day to have a deeper significance. As a religious person, Justin chose to propose on the seventh day of the seventh month, this number being the one of spiritual perfection.



Katy Perry

From the beginning of Bieber’s singing career, he and Katy Perry have always been best buds. However, when Perry threw some shade at Bieber last summer at the MTV VMA’s for forgetting the words to his hit song Despacito, fans were unsure whether she was creating a full-on feud with the singer or just poking fun at his minor error. Either way, the two musical artists continue to have each others’ backs, shown on American Idol when Katy defended Bieber to Lionel Richie’s snide remarks about America’s sweetheart. For this exact reason, we have no doubt that Perry will be on Bieber’s wedding invite list.


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