Ex-MBGN Queen Munachi Abii Recalls Days Of Her Dark Period

Former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria and rapper Munachi Abii, recalled the years she suffered low self-esteem and how she finally overcame her fears.

She shared this on her instagram page to motivate other women.

In the beginning, I was a rebel but I didn’t love myself. I wasn’t looking at how far I had already come, I focused on where I felt I should have been. I didn’t see my blessings as blessings.if anyone told me I was beautiful, I would argue with em.i thought that was humility.it got so bad that I felt I didn’t deserve any praise I got.i felt they were lies. And when love found me, I would find ways to jeopardize it or run from it.

How can u love me? And yet all I’ve ever wanted was to love and be loved. What is love? Could this be love? U mean I’ve been loved alllll along? So what the hell was I looking at that made me forget what I’ve had all along? A lie. An illusion. I was looking at a “space” that didn’t exist. Which I probably created in my own mind. I awake. So I am love? I have been love. I have been loved, I am still loved.

A lady said to me today, Muna u r getting fat. I said ” thank u, I am eating well


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