Why Most Day Traders Lose – and What You Can Do About It

Most Americans have some of their assets tied up in the stock market. Many let their mutual funds or brokers handle their account and simply check their statements quarterly to see how much they made or lost. If this is you, chances are you’re not too happy with the market’s returns over the past few years.

So it’s not surprising that more and more people are taking a personal interest in learning how financial markets work and are starting to make some or all of their own financial decisions. This trend is being driven by online trading companies that make it easy and inexpensive to trade in various financial markets.

But easy-to-trade and easy-to-make a profit are not the same. Trading on tips or on stock movements is usually no better than gambling in Vegas – and everyone knows the odds are stacked against the player. Individual traders are frequently at the losing end of stock trades.

But for every loser there is a winner, and all too often the winner is a savvy financial trading firm using techniques the average trader doesn’t know about. Usually these involve clever ways to move the odds just a little bit in the trader’s favor. It means following a consistent conservative strategy and leveraging tools and techniques developed over many years, which for a variety of reasons, are not in the hands of the individual trader.

One of the ways that professional trading firms make consistent profits, regardless of the market’s direction, is through options trading. By structuring and timing their options trades in just the right way, professional traders are able to consistently make money.

But are these techniques destined to remain the sole secret of the financial trading firms? Fortunately, the answer is no! That’s thanks to a company called Uncle Bob’s Money.

Uncle Bob’s Money teaches people how to take advantage of the same conservative options trading strategies used by the pros. They do this by explaining the concepts in simple straightforward English so that you don’t need a finance degree to understand them. They have also developed highly effective online tools that let non-professionals leverage the same techniques that the pros use – like trading calendars and model portfolios where you can practice before making live trades, and even copy their portfolio trades on your way to profits.

Best of all, the learning materials you need to master options is completely free. The step-by-step instructions on the website cover everything you will need to trade options successfully; what market conditions to monitor before entering into each strategy, when to start, and the specific rules they follow. It also teaches what specific indicators are most important for each strategy, the rules for exiting a position early, and how to do it without spending every waking hour in front of your computer.

Uncle Bob’s Money truly believes that proven money-making secrets should not belong to a privileged few, which is why they proudly state: “It’s important to shatter the mystery and secrecy to end the status quo.”


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