Zambian President, Edgar Lungu Collapses At The Women Day Event

Zambian President Edgar Lungu collapsed on the podium while presiding over a Women’s Day celebration in Lusaka on Sunday — less than two months after the 58-year-old took over from a leader who died in office.

His spokesperson Amos Chanda said the Head of State has been diagnosed with malaria but he did not say if the diagnosis was before or after the collapsing. In Zambia Malaria is a very good excuse.

President Lungu later addressed the nation on ZNBC which covered the proceedings live, that he was not feeling well.

“I am not feeling too well, but it is not something that should worry the nation… the proceedings should continue… I will see you tomorrow,” said President Lungu.

The Watchdog has been consistent in revealing that Edgar Lungu is a very sick person and unfit to handle the strenuous work of president.


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