World Leaders Task Putin at G20 Summit

The G20 sumit in Australia wasn’t a very amicable one for the Russian president Vladimir Putin. The president found himself on the receiving end a series of sharp verbal critics from some of his fellow world leaders. why on earth would that be you may ask?
Simply put: It is because of Russia’s interference in Ukraine affairs!

One of the hardest but a blunt rebukes came from the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper. Hear him, “I guess I’ll shake your hand, but then quickly tells him this, “you need to get out of Ukrain”
U.S. president Barack Obama also voiced criticism of Moscow, saying in a speech that Russian aggressions against Ukrain is a threat to the world. But amid all these strong words, the Russian government denied the reports that Putin was going to leave the summit early.
He departed the on Sunday towards the end of the of the summit. AFP even reported that Putin attended the final lunch and praised the discussions as “constructive”. However, the pressure on Putin continued, with Obama and the leaders of Japan and Australia issuing a statement expressing opposition to “Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its actions to destabilize eastern Ukrain”


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